Thursday, September 15, 2011

Born to run

Sometimes I feel like I need to run. And I'll sit and think to myself, 'where are you going to run to? Besides, it's raining out.' And I nod, blank expression on my face framing my eyes wild with dreams. Because I'm right. I realize where it is I want to run. I want to run back in time. I want to run until I'm the girl I was, with too much time on my hands, and the confidence to do what I'm not doing now. The confidence to Be who I Am. To be who I am when no one's looking. To be who I am WHEN everyone's looking. I miss her so much. She'd know just what to say to me. SHE'D know what to do. But a thousand 'might-have-beens' later, here I am. I'm the version of her that reigned victorious. Yet there is no victory. What's the first step in a race from myself? What's the first stride in a race toward my old self?