Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Little Things

Little things can be the difference between a day that's more disgusting than the scent of a salmon's vagina, or happier than a rainbow unicorn contact juggling crystal balls!

In honour of The Little Things, here are some happy ones of mine that make my day:

-Googling what I'm sure is a completely idiotic question, and not only has someone already asked it, but it's already been ANSWERED! ('Why do powdered doughnuts taste cold?')

-FINALLY finding that earworm song that's been driving me nuts for months when all I had were three words from the chorus.

-Getting to my destination at the same time the song I'm listening to ends.

-When an item I really needed happens to be on sale and I get the LAST ONE!

-When someone asks me a tricky question at work and I actually know it!!!

-Putting a book on hold at the library and even though the book is new and hot I'm the first on the list!

-Craving something ridiculously specific for supper, and having EVERY. SINGLE. INGREDIENT. Without having to shop first!

-Checking out at the supermarket, or anywhere, and the price is even. $20.00?! KICK ASS!

-Finishing a book/movie/tv series and NEEDING TO TALK FEELINGS and my friends have JUST finished it as well so we can discuss it freely without worrying about being Spoilery Motherfuckers!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Interview With Patricia Miller!

Happy Book Birthday to Patricia Miller! Her book is out TODAY!

Frustrated mother of two, Brianne Hunter, escapes her bland life in rural Fennelton by embarking on a weekend shopping with her best friend. On the drive to Darlene’s estate, Brianne crashes off Mausoleum Road, and makes her way, bleeding and injured, to a stone ranch seeking help.

Dr. Robert Moss's wife is in Europe, happily spending their money.

What begins as an effort to save a woman's life, turns into a very immediate and undeniable attraction, followed by a wildly sensual and passionate coupling that essentially changes them both.

When the weekend ends, Brianne returns home to the demands of her predictable life, trying to forget Dr. Moss.

Shortly thereafter, life-changing losses occur for both Brianne and Dr. Moss, but still, they keep away from one another in attempt to do the right thing. Then comes the day when Dr. Moss pays Brianne a house call, attempting to reignite their passion. But his revelation may be more than Brianne can accept.

Yet Brianne cannot deny her heart’s passion, and returns to the ranch to deliver a disclosure of her own. One that will force them to re-examine passion, love and lust from the affair that started it all.

Mausoleum Road Affair on Amazon!

And now for the questions:

1. If you could save the life of one literary character, who would it be and why?

Beth March from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I loved this book as a child and I was sad when she died. I still want her to live!

2. QUICK! Recommend three songs that have captured your heart!

1) Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney

2) Bobcaygeon by The Tragically Hip

3) Unchained Melody by Elvis Presley

3. What's your favorite scar on your body and why?

I have a small scar on my left thumb from an accident in my mid-twenties. I was living in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada and I’d picked up a second job at a snowmobile tour company. One slow rainy day, I was helping a male coworker lower a bus battery from a cabin’s loft using ropes. He lost his grip and the battery fell. In a flash, I was caught in the ropes and zoomed up high in the rafters, partly hanging by my thumb. Luckily, my coworker was able to maneuver the battery up so I could come down. I had to go to the medical centre for treatment. After helping me, the doctor asked if I was feeling well enough to stay and shine a light for him as he sewed up an injured skier’s scalp. I did. The scar reminds me that there are always people worse off than myself!

4. What's something you wish people knew about your writing?

Um, let’s see … two things come to mind.

1) I write whenever I get a chance, often in a noisy living room with kids playing and the dog barking. Before I had kids, I thought I had to be alone in a quiet place to write. If that was the case now, I would never get a story finished!

2) I haven’t done everything in real life that my main characters do in the heat of the moment. They’re naughty. I tease my husband that we can look to them for ideas in our retirement. ;)

5. Is your MC inspired by anyone?

Nope. Dr. Robert Moss is a purely fictitious hottie. And he’s fun to hang out with when my hubby’s working. ;)

Thanks, Patricia!
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

My First Celebrity Crushes

Malcolm from The Best Laid Plans is a sexy rocker, though not necessarily a celebrity. But that’s okay because there are plenty out there to fall for. Good, bad, or just because we didn’t know any better, our first celebrity crushes can say a lot about us. Here are my first four.

4. Jack T. Colton from Romancing The Stone.

It’s not even that I think he’s that hot. But there’s something about Jack T. Colton that captivated me. He was mysterious, heroic – when he wasn’t being a thieving little magpie – and he rescued Joan Wilder when she needed it. Sure, it wasn’t all butterflies and daffodils, but he was *exciting* and that was what counted. In fact, Romancing The Stone is probably the reason I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.


I saw it and thought that that is what writers did! If you haven’t seen that 80’s classic, GTFO of here and watch it!

3. Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing.
He was the bad boy who needed rescuing. He was a DANCER.

He had creative insults for the douche Robby. Helping him and hooking up with Johnny made Baby reclaim her name, stand up to her sister, become a woman, grow up, AND she learned to dance! BOOM! FRANCIS IS WOMAN! I thought that was a pretty perfect experience when I saw the movie for the first time when I was fifteen. Maybe it was really that I wanted to BE Baby, and less that I wanted to BE WITH Johnny. Maybe it was both. :)

2. The Goblin King, Jareth from Labyrinth.

I mean, nobody puts Baby in the corner, but Jareth had that sexy contact juggling thing – AND he sang to Sarah. (I am well aware that Swayze had a song on the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack. But he didn’t sing it TO Baby, which was probably a good thing to mitigate my already raging crush). And he wasn’t BOWIE in riding pants – I mean, um, BOOTS.

1. And here’s where everyone is going to laugh at me so hard that their vaginas turn into outies. Because my very first celebrity crush? Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins.

I WAS 4 YEARS OLD! Give a kid a break! It wasn’t a sexual crush, I was too little. But I remember thinking he had a very nice smile and he seemed like he’d be a good time. He made things come to life!

He had cartoon friends! Plus, he had an outrageous accent. And he sang and danced and we all know how I feel about men who are musical. ;)

Who were your first celebrity crushes?

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