Thursday, April 26, 2012

Unexpected fairy tales

Her eyes are lidded lightning. She flashes a white hot glance my way, and I am ruined. Every fairy tale needs a heroine; I made the mistake of thinking it was me. One devastating glance from her shows me I was wrong. Now I can see the view from the other side of the mirror. I've become the ugly step sister. Next to her I become duller. She makes me uglier – on the inside. I want her heart in a box. I want her to prick her finger. I want her to get lost in the woods. I want her to sleep for a hundred years, until I can wake up without feeling inadequate. I want to be back on the other side of the mirror. Back where I realized that everything was perfect in it's imperfection. Back where she stood beside me as my equal. Back where she didn't have the cold gleam of triumph in her eyes, knowing she'd robbed me of my happily ever after. There's no trail to lead me back to what I once was. I hate her for doing this to me, and yet I love her still. Everyone's forever on the side of beauty. Even me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The picture of us (challenge)

Storytelling challenge. Find it here


I can't look at that picture of us and see myself as I really am.

I see myself floating beside you, wooden, where you are real. Next to you, I'm just an instrument, waiting for your touch. Waiting for you to play me.

I drown in the symbolism of our song. The one you would never allow yourself to play. We drifted side by side, moved by the same forces, yet you would never just take me in your arms and make me sing.

I deserved better. I desired you.

A song that never was, never will be, haunts me to this day. Empty notes resound in my chest, fading before they leave me. The song of 'us' is no song at all. Or. if it is, it is the sound of my dream, dying.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Did you know that I sing?

It's funny. Most of you would only think of me as a writer, when I would say that writing is something I DO, while a singer is what I AM.

'Why can't you be both?' You may ask.

I am. Technically. But music... in the words of a line from one of my favourite singers songs,

'Music was the lamb that made a lion out of me.'

Here is one of my songs. I hope you enjoy it:)I did the lyrics and singing. My friend Brandon did the music.

Who's hotter now?

Brandon's blog

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Storyteller challenge.

Storytelling writer's challenge from

I chose the image prompt.

Even when an ocean of emotion threatens to wash me away, I will not stand down. I am rusting iron wrapped with lace. I may languish for you, but I'll do it with style.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bring a friend to Bordertown

It's been two years since we've had a new song from this little lady, since Bordertown was lost. But the walls came down again, and we've got an exclusive here for you tonight. That's right folks, FSM Radio has Feaky Snucker's new track, fresh from B-Town...

You thought that you had got me, with my back against the wall,
Jammed up against the border, and your world's about to fall
You feel the whiskey burning, fickle fists and twisted mind,
But I'm gunning for you baby, I'm not leaving you behind
You're coming with me now, My what the pretty spider's caught,
Your blood is burning but you're learning not to give up all you've got

Tonight I'll take you across the border
Tonight But it's gotta be tonight
Tonight Your thoughts are out of order
Tonight I'll make it right

You are not a Blood, so don't you touch that river water
What the pack has got to say, is not for dark eyed daughters
You're thirsty for the mystery, You never knew was real
I'll take you there right now, Your fate is snapping at your heels
You're a looker not a finder, Just give in and find my voice
It's disheveled on a level you can reach - just make the choice

Tonight I'll take you across the border
Tonight But it's gotta be tonight
Tonight The whole world is out of order
Tonight Bordertown is in your sight
Tonight Magic will rock you to your core
Tonight Your world has never looked so bright!

Once again, that is Feaky Snucker's new single, straight out of Bordertown, with a message for all her listeners out there...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saving a life

I offered up a question to ask finalists in a competition. My question was this:

If you could save the life of one fictional character, who would you save and why?

In this case, it was asking regarding a novel, but I'd be interested to hear who you'd save from a movie as well.

In my case, both apply. I would save the life of the horse Artax from The Never Ending Story. His death scarred my child mind forever. I still get teary if I think about it too closely. :'(

The worst part is that if you'd read the book, you'll remember that Artax SPOKE. It made it even worse as he was telling Atreyu to go ahead and leave him etc.


Who would you save?