Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saving a life

I offered up a question to ask finalists in a competition. My question was this:

If you could save the life of one fictional character, who would you save and why?

In this case, it was asking regarding a novel, but I'd be interested to hear who you'd save from a movie as well.

In my case, both apply. I would save the life of the horse Artax from The Never Ending Story. His death scarred my child mind forever. I still get teary if I think about it too closely. :'(

The worst part is that if you'd read the book, you'll remember that Artax SPOKE. It made it even worse as he was telling Atreyu to go ahead and leave him etc.


Who would you save?


  1. Oh my God girl, I thought I was the only one scarred by that Artax death. To this day the scene in the movie and the book do me in. So yes, Artax I would save.

    Todd the fox's mother from the Fox and the Hound. I have owned that film for more than twenty years and I've only seen it five times thanks to that scene.

    Sara Crewe's father. I saw the Shirley Temple version of the film as a child before I read the book. Yeah. Wasn't ready for that one.

    The Little Mermaid. Even though her reasons for doing it were pretty deep, no guy--and I mean NO GUY--is worth that. Especially when he is not all that in to you. Her being granted her initial desire in the end was sweet, but still...

  2. I love that movie! That part always made me cry. :( I have not read the book, I had no idea he talks in it! I'll have to read that one.
    I saw that she's using your question. :) Very cool. I'll have to think about what my answer would be. . .
    Did you enter the contest?

    1. I'd queried Janet Reid who replied, saying I should enter the contest... but I'm Canadian (she didn't know), and the contest is not open to Canadians. :(

  3. Well, I already have my answer to that question, but I'm not sharing it until I win. I mean, until I make it to the finals. LOL! Actually, I'm 99% sure I did NOT make it to the finals, but there's this sweet little voice of hope inside me. I'm pretty sure it's the sweet voice of that inner child who died when Artax died. WORST FICTIONAL DEATH EVER. I don't even let my daughter watch that movie and its such a classic. But she's too sweet and loves horses too much. I just can't bring myself to put her through that!

    1. It is a terrible scene:( I grew up on a horse ranch, so for me it was particularly devastating. Poor, poor Artax. :'(

      I hope you made it! Let me know how it goes:)