Saturday, December 15, 2012

I HAVE AN AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I know. No one's more surprised than I am.

Let's hear it for self-confidence!

When Jessa Russo and I organized Pitchmas, we never dreamed anything like this would happen. But one of the agents noticed my pitch in the example, and requested the full. She read it in three hours, and wooed me on twitter the next day.At least, I felt very wooed.

She called me on Saturday, and her enthusiasm bowled me over.

Seriously. I felt like this:

So, after nudging the others who had my full, and thinking long and hard about what I wanted, I made a decision.

With delight, and shock, and awe, it's my PLEASURE to announce I've signed with MARISA CLEVELAND of the SEYMOUR AGENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can't describe the awesomeness that clings to her. She is just epic, and I love her already. But you can't have her cuz she's all MINE! <--That's how it works, right? I don't have to share? :P Either way, she's my new partner in crime.

It took a lot of caffeine to get me to this point. There was laughter, tears, rending of garments, and gnashing of teeth.

But it was because of my CP's - my critique partners, that I got through it.

Jessa, my first CP ever, who was there from the start, and redirected me from my other WIP, and told me I needed to write Moondreamer. I don't know how we made it 30 years without finding each other. Without her, I wouldn't have even written this book. Okay, maybe eventually I would have, but not for a while. My twin separated at birth. My number one girl. Even though we've never met, we're so close, our husbands worry we're lesbians.I'm not saying we are. But I'm not saying we're not. :D

Laura, whose sharp eyes picked up the embarrassing bonus commas, and other lame shit that others missed. She is incredibly sweet, JEOPARDY smart, and an amazing cheerleader. Seriously one of my favourite people. She made me a bracelet for when the zombie apocalypse hits. She's like Macguyver with a vag. And a credenza.

To the Mistresses of the Written Word: I hope you all know how much you mean to me. Every day you made me strive harder to be better, simply by being amazing in your own ways. *pervy group hug*

Thank you all. For picking me up, and talking me down when I needed it most.
Especially on the days where I felt like, 'I've GOT this!' only to promptly fall short of my goal.

Or the days like this:

 Or where I felt like this:

This too. OH there was a lot of this: 

And some of this:

But I got up, put on my big girl panties and kept writing. Because

...when they want to succeed.

So thank you to everyone who believed in me, and was there for me when I needed it. You know who you are. I hope. Basically, this:

And this:

And possibly (definitely) a little of this too:

Because of you -

Or at least, I feel like I do. :)

Because here's where I'm at now, after writing, query trenches, shelved manuscripts, revisions, PATIENTLY waiting (hysterical laughter) and writing more, then the insanity of Pitchmas: I'm agented with someone who GETS me, and GETS my manuscript, and believes in me. ENTHUSIASM FTW! She fits me like a non-sexual analogy!!! Maybe slightly naughty. But only because she is truly epic.

I feel like this:

Although if you see me, it looks more like this:

And although the journey is FAR from over, I will never forget all the words of encouragement, and those of you who helped me make MOONDREAMER better.<3

To the haters, who thought I'd never do it, and have probably read this blog with THIS expression:

But not really. Because,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Pitchmas is now LIVE!

Post your 35 word pitch in the comment section of THIS post!

Submissions should look like this:

Your name: Tamara Mataya
Your email address:
Genre: Upper YA Urban Fantasy

Pitch: After I got off the bus to avoid those two creepy guys sniffing the air, I learned how to fly, met a leprechaun, and slept with an incubus. Best. Bus Stop. Ever.***

Submission window is NOW CLOSED.

 Comments are open for the Editors and Agents! Anyone tries to sneak in an additional pitch will be swiftly deleted. And given the e-stink-eye.No comments on pitches please - if a judge asks you about your MS, you may answer.

***While it's tacky to enter the contest myself, I should mention this would be my pitch if I entered, and I am currently seeking representation ;)