Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The picture of us (challenge)

Storytelling challenge. Find it here


I can't look at that picture of us and see myself as I really am.

I see myself floating beside you, wooden, where you are real. Next to you, I'm just an instrument, waiting for your touch. Waiting for you to play me.

I drown in the symbolism of our song. The one you would never allow yourself to play. We drifted side by side, moved by the same forces, yet you would never just take me in your arms and make me sing.

I deserved better. I desired you.

A song that never was, never will be, haunts me to this day. Empty notes resound in my chest, fading before they leave me. The song of 'us' is no song at all. Or. if it is, it is the sound of my dream, dying.


  1. I love the opening to this and the perspective of the cello. :)

  2. Gah! I love this! Its so obvious how deep your love of music goes. You are truly a musician.

  3. That was beautiful! I never thought of doing the cello's POV. Very creative!

  4. A third on the creativity. Very interesting and unique perspective. Great job!

  5. I love how this says so much about the musician, and his love for himself. The unhappy cello seemed like a symbol of an unhappy artist.

  6. (Visiting from Darci's blog) Very well done. Love the cello's perspective!