Monday, March 21, 2016

My dog doesn't understand selfies

...and fair enough, I'm not big on taking a bunch of pics of myself either. But I thought, hey! I should take a pic of my dog and I together because he's cute and that would be a nice pic.

So, I sat next to him on the floor and held out my phone.

Problem number 1: Benny didn't realize he was supposed to look at my phone.

Problem number 2: He was so excited I was sitting next to him, he kept sniffing and trying to lick me.

Problem number 3. He became so confused as to why I was sitting next to him BUT NOT LOOKING AT HIM that he started howling. I tried to reassure him by telling him it was okay and to look at my phone. He lunged, I'm trying to hold him back, he's howling, and I'm not even looking at the camera.

Which means we ended up with this gem:

And if we zoom in:

The confused horror is palpable.

It's tough being a dog.

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