Sunday, August 21, 2011

Books I'd like to see made into movies

IF they stayed true to the book, and did a good job, here's a list of books I'd like to see on film, if only to get people to read the books:) These are also books that I recommend a lot at work, (I'm a librarian).

Random order.

1) Rose Madder - Stephen King.
2) The stupidest Angel - Christopher Moore. (YAY! They're doing this one!)
3) Faceless - Martina Cole.
4) Forests of the heart - Charles de Lint.
5) Life expectancy - Dean Koontz.
6) Everyone worth knowing - Lauren Weisberger.
7) River God, AND The seventh scroll - Wilbur Smith
8) Stone 558 - Gerald Browne.
9) Syrup - Maxx Barry.
10) Good omens - Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen.
11) Stupid and contagious - Caprice Crane
12) Urban shaman - CE Murphy
13) Bordertown - Edited by Terri Windling. The old ones.

I may update this blog entry, explaining why I selected these books, but I may not. I truly am a fickle, fickle creature.

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