Sunday, January 15, 2012


Let me make something abundantly clear: I SAY BAD WORDS.

Let me make something else clear: I SUPPORT FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

It has come to my attention via family members, that OTHER family members have been creeping my blog/ youtube accounts and have expressed, chagrin at my choice of language. One member expressed embarrassment that her friends might see my facebook statuses (some of which contain swear words), to which I say this: FUCK OFF.

1. My facebook is viewable to FRIENDS ONLY, not friends of friends. Your precious friends will not see my evil words, and have their delicate sensibilities offended. I am an autonomous adult and so are you. If your friends are that judgmental, then perhaps you need new contemporaries.

2. The words I choose may be a part of my message, but they are not the entire message. If you are dwelling on one or two or three curse words in an entire post/ vid, then you are MISSING the point!

3. It's a word! Grow the fuck up. Quit turning swear words into Voldemort. They only have the power that you give them.

4. Save your outrage for things that deserve it. Rape. Inequality for gays. War. Famine. Genocide. The state of the education system. The fact that you're getting in a tizzy over my word choice and not my message only shows how inattentive you are to the world you live in.

I am a writer and a musician. Call it arrogance, call it artistic license, call it whatever the fuck you want, but do NOT make the assumption that you can shame me into censoring myself. I don't care if you get offended by my word choice. I get offended by your narrow minded censorship. I do not swear for the sake of it - I choose my words very carefully.

Oh, and in closing, here's a little video from me to you.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Many great authors liked to swear: From Thomas Pynchon to Mark Twain! This is a great example of classic narrow-mindedness. And if you're one of the "embarrassed," next time your brain shuts off when it hears a curse word, don't start it back up. >_<

  2. Magnificent rant. Family with internet access are the worst.

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa...Back the FUCK up! Your family actually visits your blog and youtube account? How the FUCK did you manage that SHIT! I can't get my own family to visit my FUCKING house, let alone my blog, youtube, or twitter. You madam are FUCKING genius and a gangster! What the FUCK do I have to do to get some FUCKING online familial attention! I mean, I have a FUCKING picture on Facebook of my right TIT exposed and painted gold (it was for a theatrical production) and they haven't said SHIT to me about it which means they didn't FUCKING look! Then they have the FUCKING gall to ask me if I still act, draw, paint, and write. I mean DAMN!

    P.S. Naughty words capped to irritate the irritable.

    1. I like the cut of your jib, Charli. Are your relatives religious bigots? Cuz, mine are! That might have something to do with it.

    2. Oh my word I WISH it was just that. Then I would understand the reason why and can move on. They just...DON'T. What is even more irritating is they tell me I should get a website and put my artwork up. I tell them I have a website.

      "Why didn't you tell me?"
      "I did...Two years ago."
      "No you didn't!"
      "-_____- Okay. Here is my blog, website, youtube, ect."
      "Okay, I'll check it out."

      Fast forward a year later and I'm having the SAME FUCKING CONVERSATION WITH THEM! So I just gave up. Yet it fascinates me when people have relatives that actually snoop around their online lives. With mine, it's every other artist, writer, actor, but me. Le sigh.

    3. Well, this is all new to me as well - normally they don't care. I think I preferred that to this judgmental bullshit. For what it's worth _I_ checked out your site:) I liked the dragonfly painting the best, but your coming soon author section made me curious:)

    4. Ahh yes, coming soon as in when I finish editing the damn thing! Lol

      Thanks for visiting!

  4. I think swearing is very overrated and limiting. That said... Here's a link to something I got published on McSweeney's Internet Tendency (YES!). Enjoy the profnaity. It's not a publication I've linked to ANY OTHER site, because I'm usually a mildmannered person (who happens to believe that 'fucktard' is a word that is not used ENOUGH.)
    Thanks for stalking by blog! And no, I wish I ahd something in the 'drop the needle', but I tried to get something in this round and couldn't even post even though it was like 8 minutes past the hour. GRRR. Ah, well.
    In other news, I signed with an agent this week, and have an offer of publicaiton (not YA, nobody wants that shit I write!) coming by fax tomorrow. Exciting!


    Sorry, here's the link!

  6. Congratulations Virginia!!! I am sadly still searching for an agent, but it's always nice to hear others get one step closer:) I tried the link, what was the name of the one you did? There were a few.

  7. Give 'em hell Feaky...give 'em hell.