Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Did you know I'm psychic?!

It's true.

Well, not really. I don't really believe in psychic powers, though I used to.

And this is coming from a woman who once guessed what was in her husband's hand, when he was over 1k miles away.

A purple guitar pick.

But I digress.

Our library has a group called, 'The friends of the library.' They help us with book sales, and volunteering, and fundraisers etc.

We get a LOT of donations, people wanting to give us their books. We get a lot. We're a fairly tiny library compared to most, but we get a lot of books.

A recent example of this: There's a woman who can't use library books because of her extreme sensitivities to allergens. If someone who smokes for example, or wears scented lotion while reading the book returns it and she reads it, she gets an extreme allergic reaction.

So she buys all of her books new, reads them once and then donates them to us.

Her recent donation was 7 boxes of near new paperbacks.

That's just one example.

We have an older couple who come in and help with the donations. I always forget the woman's name.

I even asked one of the other librarians, 'Where's Louise and her husband? I haven't seen them in a while.'

The other librarian was like, 'Do you mean Dot?'

I was like, 'No. Louise. The lady who comes in and helps with the books with her husband...'

She was like, 'Um... her name is Dot.'

Well, fuck. So it was. But I ALWAYS think of her as Louise.

So yesterday, she comes in to the library as she had a book in.

I asked her, 'What is your last name again?'

She told me and I pulled her file up. I was like, 'It's Dorothy, right - Dot?'

She was like, 'Yes.'

I said, 'I feel so bad, because I always forget your name, but it's because to me you look like a Louise!'

She and her husband exchanged a look and smiled. She said, 'Louise is my MIDDLE name! I used to go by Louise when I was younger because there were so many Dorothy's! Isn't that funny?!'

So there you have it.

I'm psychic.


  1. They say married people start to look like each other after a while. Some people also start to look like their pets, if you believe that sort of thing. Some people just look like their names. Maybe she just went by Louise for so long that she started to look like a Louise? Maybe she is the perfect Louise archetype? Or maybe her husband calls her Louise once in a while?

    Or maybe you're becoming omniscient? Just in case, I'll do my best to shield my mind. *making tin foil hat*

    1. She says she hasn't gone by Louise in about ten years.

      I must be becoming omniscient. O.O

    2. Go with omniscience. Then when people tell you you're wrong, just shut your eyes and tell them you're shifting reality to match your omniscience. They will stop telling you that you're wrong, and go with you're crazy instead!

      ... Or is that not an improvement.