Friday, August 31, 2012

Getting to know you

Where do you write?
1.In a smooshy black leather chair. Laptop in my lap.

2.Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?
The remote control. I CONTROL THE SPICE!

3.Favorite time to write?
When I have an idea and a few minutes to actually get something down. It can be anytime, but sometimes inspiration strikes as I'm walking out the door to go to work. Inspiration, thou art a heartless bitch.

4.Drink of choice while writing?
In the mornings - coffee. The rest of the time, there's no set drink. Suppose that's boring. Okay, um, the tears of my vanquished enemies.

5.When writing , do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?
MUSIC! Because I write in the same room as the tv and my noisy husband.

6.What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?
It came to me as a dream. I added a new beginning, and then had to figure out where to go after the dream ended, but the idea came from a dream. My subconscious has ALL the talent.

7.What's your most valuable writing tip?
Writing is work. People might think that you are “just” writing. Eff that. YOU ARE BUILDING WORLDS. There is nothing insignificant about that. Your writing deserves your time and attention. The laundry can wait. I promise. ;)


  1. Hooray for the smooshy writing chair! :) I hope you enjoy the tears of your vanquished enemies over ice, because warm tears = icky.

  2. What's GUTGAA?

    Also, inspiration is a bitch. I don't need to be up until 4 a.m. writing every night, because inspiration doesn't show up until 2 in the morning, drunk and raving.

  3. I hope you have some honey to go with those bitter tears of vanquished enemies. Cheers to building new worlds. It is fun and so is this bloghop. Nice to meet you!

  4. Hopped over with the blog hop. Love your answers! Nice to meet you!

  5. Hi
    Love your answer, made me laugh, hope you have plans to send a copy of your best seller to your vanquished enemies...

    I hope your pitch goes great.

    You can find me over on When I Grow Up I Wanna Write A Kids Book, cheers


  6. You amuse me. And yes, writing is work. I remind my DH of that every day.

  7. Vanquished enemies! Awesome answer ;)

  8. "The tears of my vanquished enemies." Oh my God, I laughed out loud at that one. You're hilarious!

    Best of luck with GUTGAA!

  9. You are so right about the laundry. I like a clean kitchen but the other day mine was at biohazard level (hey, I was BUSY). Finally my husband took care of it. He's great about giving me space to be creative (it just takes him longer to notice when the dishes pile up).

    I recognize your screen name from other writing contests/ blogs. Best of luck with GUTGAA :)

    Here's my GUTGAA Meet & Greet: A Girl and Her Diary

  10. What I like the most about this, aside from your usual hilarity? The pic of you about to diddle R2D2.

    1. Actually, I was picking his nose. But I do have one of me licking his head. :D

  11. That is such great advice! Writing really IS more than just typing out a bunch of words - it is hard work and can take a lot out of you. And I'm so with you on getting random writing inspiration at sometimes inconvenient times. Why can't it strike you when you need it to? Sigh...

  12. I'm a new follower! I love your blog name. Envious of your dream turned novel. :)

  13. I never dream. So my inspiration can't come from that. But its cool that's where you got yours!

    *waves* so nice to meet you!

  14. Writing is totally a job and important. I get annoyed when people belittle it as being scribblings or a hobby. It's so much more.

  15. Don't we all love to drink the tears of our vanquished enemies? Sweet justice. Love the blog title. My first MS came from a dream too. But I quickly learned how cliche starting the novel with a dream sequence was.

  16. Loved your advice, loved, loved, okay it needs one more loved for impact. Loved that we're building worlds. Awesome!

  17. I love that the laundry can wait. You're a writer after my own heart. I also love that you're a renegade librarian.

  18. I see your handle on Twitter a lot and it always makes me laugh :) Drinking tears of your vanquished enemies...I like that!

    Great to meet you.

  19. Buildin' worlds, takin' names. Best of luck! :-)

  20. I cracked up! I have that t-shirt (it was popular when I was in my mid teens - back when green chisels were in vogue) and it is so thin now you can barely read it. I so enjoyed reading this...thanks for the laugh..good luck in GUTGAA!

  21. Nice to meet you! I look forward to reading about your stuff during GUTGAA. :)

  22. I love that advice, because 'tis true. The laundry can totally wait. Well, folding it can wait. Sometimes it's gotta at least get washed.

    Best of luck in the contest!

  23. Story ideas that come from dreams are very cool. I agree there is nothing worse than when inspiration strikes as you are walking out the door to somewhere you need to be. Or for me when it strikes as I'm falling asleep.

  24. You're right. I claim to write at my desk, but I jot down ideas and scenes on scraps of paper all day long. By the time I sit down at my desk, my pockets are crammed full of notes.

    Great to meet you!

  25. I love your blog title :-)

    And great writing advice. Pfft to anyone who says "just writing." Nice to meet you!

  26. Love this blog and your screen name! You had me at "mad ravings".

    Also, I think I remember you from queryshark and various comments from Janet's blog.

    I've added myself to your followers list. hope you can drop by my blog some time.

  27. Dear Fe Sn,

    Nice to meet you. Love the laundry tip. |m| |m| *Fistbumps* for that one! Thank you for sharing your GUTGAA answers. Your humor/snark shines through. Amusing. Happy writing!

    Warm regards,

    Don #138

  28. I had to laugh when you mentioned writing is work. I was working on a character outline at my day job and one of my co-workers asked what I was doing. When I told her, she rolled her eyes and said, "That's too much work to write a book."

    All I could do was nod.

    Looking forward to following your blog!

  29. Yeah! And nice shirt. (Is that a stain on the sleeve?)

  30. I love it when I get writing ideas in my dreams. Furthermore, I know what you mean about the great idea popping in your head when you are trying to get to work. Water ofter makes me think of great twists for my manuscripts.

  31. I love your answers. ^_^

    My inspiration strikes when I'm on my way to work, or math class, or... on my way to go into a dark cinema. Or in a jostling car. OR in the middle of a good book.

    NEVER when I'm sitting down, ready to write. Sigh.