Monday, November 19, 2012

Official Pitchmas Rules!

Official #PitchMAS Details

Welcome to our amazing Holiday Pitch Fest … PitchMAS! Like Christmas only better, because instead of a fat man getting stuck in your chimney, you get Jessa and Feaky! Woot woot! 

Tuesday 12/4: 4am-9pm PST
Tuesday morning at 4:00am Pacific Standard Time, a post will go live on Jessa’s blog announcing the Pitch-Honing workshop. All day Tuesday, you will be able to comment on the blog post with your pitches (both 35 word blog pitches and 140 character Twitter pitches). Your peers will comment and help you hone your pitches into something that will grab the attention of our esteemed editors and agents during the live pitch fest.

An example of a comment during the pitch-honing workshop could look something like this:

Jessa Russo
EVER, YA ParanormalRomance

35 word blog pitch:
Seventeen-year-old Ever Van Ruysdael knew her heart was on the line when she met Toby James. What she didn’t know was that her soul and the souls of those she loved were also in danger.

Twitter pitch:
17yo Ever knew her heart was on the line when she met Toby James. What she didn’t know was that her soul was in danger as well. #PitchMAS

Once your comment has posted, people can respond telling you what would work better for your pitch, and we can all help each other with honing our pitches and making them contest ready.

Tuesday 12/4: 11pm-2am EST
Tamara’s contest post will go live at 11pm, and will remain open until 2am. At this time, please comment with your pitch. She will only take the first 50 blog pitches. Please only post ONCE, and do not comment on other contestant’s comments. If you do not get in during this window, have no fear – there will be a short window first thing Wednesday morning. 

Submissions should look like this:

Your name: Tamara Mataya
Your email address: tamara (at) wherever (dot) com
Genre: Upper YA Urban Fantasy

Pitch: After I got off the bus to avoid those two creepy guys sniffing the air, I learned how to fly, met a leprechaun, and slept with an incubus. Best. Bus Stop. Ever.

Wednesday 12/5: 10AM EST-11AM EST
Comments on Tamara’s contest post will be open again, and she will take an additional 25 pitches only.

Wednesday 12/5: 11:30am-9:30pm EST
This is when agents and editors will be able to scroll through the comments with the 75 pitches, and make requests, or ask questions. Please do not comment on any of the comments at this time, UNLESS an agent or editor has asked you a question specifically.

Thursday 12/6: All day!
{140 Characters or Less - obviously}
Everyone can join in on the Twitter party, regardless of your participation in the pitch-honing workshop, or the blog pitch contest. Also, EVEN If you’ve received requests, you may still pitch during the Twitter party because you never know when a ninja agent may be lurking.

Your Twitter pitch MUST CONTAIN the hash tag or the agents will not see it.

You may not pitch more than twice per hour. Please respect your fellow pitch fest contestants buy obeying this rule. It is unfair to clog the feed with your manuscript every two seconds.

We will notify you throughout the day if we see an agent or editor is lurking, so make sure you follow both Tamara and Jessa on Twitter.

***Follow along with the hashtag: #PitchMas***

*You may only pitch completed and polished manuscripts.
*You may pitch more than one manuscript, but each pitch must be its own comment, or its own tweet. (Read: Do NOT pitch multiple manuscripts in ONE comment or ONE tweet).


  1. Quick question: Under here it says you can pitch more than one book in the blog part but then by the blog comment instructions it says just to post once. CAn you post more than once if they are different books?

  2. You can pitch more than one MS, but they each have to be in a separate comment, and follow the same format.

  3. Do you want ms word count in the post too? I was looking for where to put it in the formatting, but I may have missed something.

    1. Should be Name, Email, MS name, Genre, and pitch. Word count not needed.

    2. Hi Tamara, Just wondering if I posted my blog-pitch in the wright/wrong spot for this morning's pitch window (Wed.)... It seems like there would be more posts given the many who participated. ~Jill

  4. The tension mounts... (And I'm testing my comment)

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  9. I'm sorry everyone who posted here. The post says the post will go live at 11 for subs. This wasn't the post. Jessa and I decided it wouldn't be fair to move you to the official post, as there were others who were turned away because it was full. Please do enter the twitter pitches tomorrow.

    1. Are there instructions for how to follow/participate in the Twitter pitch? Is it on Twitter or your blog? Sign me, Leaving nothing to chance

    2. I'm sorry this happened. I've had a twitchy eye all day from this. Twitter pitch - make sure your pitch includes the hashtag #Pitchmas. Tweet no more than twice per hour so we don't clog the feeds unfairly. It's all day. Jessa and I will try to let people know when agents are watching, but keep an eye out by following the hashtag.

    3. Twitchy eye sucks. Try some tea bags and a big glass of red wine. (Tea bags on eyes, wine in gullet.) You girls did a great job hosting this pitchfest and it was my own stupidity for being a nervous-pervous and posting in the wrong place. Don't sweat the small stuff and realize you threw a great party.