Thursday, May 10, 2012

MY books.

As you are probably aware, I am a librarian. (best job ever).

Kids can be somewhat of a challenge at the library. Kids aren't big on keeping their voices down, and NOT touching things.

Anyways, a little boy and his parents came up to the counter to check out their books. We all stood there for a minute, and waited while the little boy held onto his books like they were the last life jacket on a sinking ship.

I looked at his parents, they looked at me. They looked at their son, and the mom finally (weakly) said, 'Honey, you need to give your books to the lady so she can check them out.'

Junior shook his head and screamed, 'NOOOOOO! MINE'

Parents have obviously been through this battle before, judging by the looks of grim resignation, and weary suffering that passed between them.

So I stepped up to the plate. I said, 'Hi, can I see the books please?'

He yelled, 'No! These ones are MINE!'

To which I replied, 'Actually, they're ALL my books until I check them out to you...'

He quickly handed the books over without another word.

The parents looked at me as if I'd discovered the cure for cancer.

That's right. They're ALL my books.

And don't you forget it. ;)