Friday, August 9, 2013

Interview with MINA VAUGHN! :D

1. HOW TO DISCIPLINE YOUR VAMPIRE had a few title changes. And SO HAVE YOU! Don't think I haven't noticed the delightful addition of wigs to your life. Do you have a favourite colour? Least fave?
Ok so my favorite two wigs are my platinum blond one with bangs, and my red "emo Ariel" wig. They're fun, funky and make the fabulosity factor skyrocket in my opinion. I think everyone should try going out one night in a wig and see how mysterious and awesome they feel.

I see what you mean. ;)

2. Domme, Sub, or Switch?  
Switch. I'm very moody.

3. William is a kinky vampire sub. If you were to write another supernatural kink, what other supe would you write? Is there one that you would NEVER write?
I've already written two, my dear. I can't say much, but there may be a Norse god involved, and there may be a really rad witch coming at folks sometime in the future. As for one I'd never write, I don't like werewolves. I just can't get into that. I don't know if it's the fur or the dog-ness about it, but it's not for me.

4. Mistress Cherry NEVER revisits a scene once it's done. Is that the case with these characters, or are there plans for a sequel?
I have ideas for more adventures for William and Cerise but there are no plans right now to write them. Never say never, though.

5. I am the ____ to your ____. ;)
Feaky, you are the wine to my cheese. Not saying you're whiny or I'm cheesy, just sayin' we're fancy and delicious.

6. Tell us something extra you want us to know about HTDYV. BREAK THE FOURTH WALL! Address the readers.
I want you to know that I want you to laugh. This is not meant to be a super-serious book, although there are angsty moments and a lot of sex. I care most about making people smile when they read it. :)
How To Discipline Your Vampire is available for Preorder  on Amazon. :)

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  1. Thanks for having me, Feaky! Love you and your blog, baby.

  2. Wow exciting getaway during the flood. I'm a librarian at Crossfield and I'm volunteering with the Foothills Library Association and our Sept newsletter is going to be all about the flood and how to cope with disasters. Would you be willing to let us re-print part of your blog post or do an interview?

    You can email me at crossfieldlib AT

  3. Fun read! Saying hi and prepping for pitchmadness! Woot--- and new follower :)