Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Your chest hair is offending me, Fatty.

Where are the plus sized MALE models? 

And where’s the outrage at the unrealistic ideals thrust upon men by the media?

And before you bitch at me about how it’s SO not the same thing that women have to face, and have had to face, I KNOW. It’s different. And yet, people are still suffering because of this. Feeling inadequate, suffering from body image issues and low self esteem. 

I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman suffering – the pain isn’t greater because of someone’s sex. Eating disorders in men compared to women, are about one case in men to every three in women. Not equal, but when you consider that far fewer men than women seek treatment for this, it’s quite alarming. One man in one thousand in Canada has Anorexia. 

And it’s not just the sculpted muscles that everyone expects from the men they see on t.v. or movies, or book covers. 

I recently received a thank you from a reviewer, because the male model on my debut novel, The Best Laid Plans, has chest hair. CHEST HAIR now on the endangered list because a lot of women say it’s icky, and some take it to the point of offense. YOUR CHESTHAIR IS DISRESPECTING ME! 

Everyone needs to chill the fuck out about body hair. Body hair is natural. Pouring hot wax on your body parts, and yanking the hair out? Isn’t. Groom all you want, but don’t judge others by the areas they choose to, or not to, groom. 

I see a lot of women getting outraged at the unrealistic expectations thrust upon them by the media, and Hollywood's idea of beauty. 

But I don't see anyone raising a stink about men's beauty coming in all different shapes and sizes. There isn't much in the way of people telling MEN to embrace their unique beauty, regardless of their wibbly wobbly bits. Maybe I'm missing out on something, and people are championing EVERYONE feeling good about themselves regardless of their size. At the end of the day it's about HEALTH, not SIZE. 

And you're goddamned right that goes for men as well as women. 

Love who you are. Stop being so critical of yourself. You know who's scrutinizing every inch of you, judging you for an errant chest hair, or that ingrown hair on your neck, or the fact that your body weight isn't low enough for those six pack abs?


But beyond them? No one. They're all probably worrying about hiding their own flaws from you to notice yours. 

I don't know why there aren't a whole bunch of plus sized male models. But I think it's worse that it took me this long to notice - and that most of you probably haven't thought about it either.


  1. *cheers* As a fairly healthy, hairy, male, Thank You!
    I'm incredibly self conscious about taking my shirt off. I know i shouldn't be, but society seems so dead set against body hair.

    I've had people question my grooming and hygiene because of it! I'm one of the cleanest people I know. But, I don't wav my chest, shoulders, and back, so I must be filthy!

    Anyway, Thank you.

  2. Who doesn't like chest hair? Let me at um! I LOVE me some chest hair! And I agree, in some ways I think it is harder for men. Women are allowed to express themselves, yet men are still restrained by the "act like a man" doctrine. Great post! ::runs off to rub the Hubs hairy chest::