Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Little Things

Little things can be the difference between a day that's more disgusting than the scent of a salmon's vagina, or happier than a rainbow unicorn contact juggling crystal balls!

In honour of The Little Things, here are some happy ones of mine that make my day:

-Googling what I'm sure is a completely idiotic question, and not only has someone already asked it, but it's already been ANSWERED! ('Why do powdered doughnuts taste cold?')

-FINALLY finding that earworm song that's been driving me nuts for months when all I had were three words from the chorus.

-Getting to my destination at the same time the song I'm listening to ends.

-When an item I really needed happens to be on sale and I get the LAST ONE!

-When someone asks me a tricky question at work and I actually know it!!!

-Putting a book on hold at the library and even though the book is new and hot I'm the first on the list!

-Craving something ridiculously specific for supper, and having EVERY. SINGLE. INGREDIENT. Without having to shop first!

-Checking out at the supermarket, or anywhere, and the price is even. $20.00?! KICK ASS!

-Finishing a book/movie/tv series and NEEDING TO TALK FEELINGS and my friends have JUST finished it as well so we can discuss it freely without worrying about being Spoilery Motherfuckers!

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  1. You amaze me! I'm loving so hard on this post right now.