Sunday, June 26, 2011

Is anyone else here a triple threat?

I was flipping through the channels the other day and caught a quick clip of a preview for next week's episode of some inane show I don't watch. In the preview, the character says she's a triple threat because -
1. She can sing. 2. She can act. 3. She's pretty.
WHAT? Since when did looks fall under the category of 'talent'? When I was younger, (and the way I learned it), to be a triple threat in entertainment, one had to be able to:
1. Dance
2. Sing
3. Act
How do looks determine talent? I just thought the whole thing was ridiculous. The way we look is nothing to be proud, or ashamed of. I don't see why people get all proud of themselves for being "good looking." It's not like they had anything to do with it, they were born with
the genes they have now. Having an athletic, strong body is different, as generally we have to work for it, and maintain it. Looks are unimportant, and nothing to be egotistical about.
If we are going to call being good looking a talent, where do we draw the line at what we will consider talent? Here are a few "talents" I have if there are no limits for being a triple threat.
1. I got hit by a car and bounced off the hood and landed on my feet. There's a talent.
2. I can take any word and make it sound as if it's being said by a gospel preacher.
3. I can fold my tongue. OOO there's a talent.

Yup, watch out for Feaky. I'm gonna be a star! But don't feel bad - you will be too.

These days, it doesn't take much.

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