Sunday, June 26, 2011



Fuck yeah!
And you know what annoys me? People don't really listen to music anymore. This isn't a burn on today's music - although... hahaha. No - what I mean, is that most people can't be bothered to be silent for the duration of a song anymore. You show someone a new song, or play an old one they haven't heard - what happens?
Chances are good they will sit there, barely hiding their impatience, biding their time until 30 seconds or so pass, and they feel they can talk over the song. Even if they love it and it blows their mind - they talk about how great it is - and it's STILL PLAYING!
I don't know. Maybe I just love music too much. But when I hear a song I love, it just fills me with an indescribeable feeling. Words fail. If you know - you'll get it.

I just think that people are missing out. I wonder when this happened? Remember operas centuries ago? Although - that was pretty much the precurser to television in my opinion. But people would just sit and listen for hours on end, letting the sounds, rhythm, melodies, beats, harmonies take them away. 
Old jazz (nothing against new jazz) - you had to sit and listen - the very nature of the music demanded it. If you didn't pay attention you might have missed the most amazing performance of your life. Different every time.
Hippy music in the 60's/ 70's. Come on - those minutes long instrumentals were for getting stoned yeah, but they were also for listening. People sing along to the verses, but the instrumentals are for listening to. And people did, drugged out or not.
I guess it's because in general, we are becoming more of a visual society. Never mind walkmans, discmans, now everything is video - take the music video with you! No thanks. I'd rather hear the music, and see the world around me.
Maybe that's why the world is the way it is. Everyone's so distracted by what they see on their little screens, that they forget to look at the world around them once in a while.
More than a passing glance brushing around the middle distance, as they wait for the light to change

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