Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stained by Daylight

Stained by daylight

I'm always searching for the music. The music that fills my soul and my nights. The type of music that only lives on in the nights with no moon. Nights as dark as your eyes.

Last night you wrapped me up in your music. We were dancing in the darkest corner of our dreams where no one could see us and tell us it wasn't real. Reality always hurts us.

You gave me your voice and you pretended it was your heart, and I pretended to believe you. I let the music carry me away into the dream.

But in the cold morning there was only stillness. The quiet drowns my senses. I always run from the silence. The music stops and I slip out the door. The rising sun burns the dream to ashes.

I can't find the music - the sun is too bright for me to find it. I'm always searching for the music but I can only find it at night.

Daylight kills the dream - but I fear the dream as much as you fear me. Daylight unwraps the hold your song had over me. With my ears full of silence I start looking for the music again.

For another dance. Another collision.

I can only live in the night now. I only live in the music. I only love you when you sing.

And I wish I didn't mind.

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